Pornology heart changed and designed to a Godlys hlife

What is the word pornology?

This is simply the love for srxual a pornified life means nail jesus christ on the cross once again .rather than living a Godly life is way better than a pornly life.

Ways of resisting pornified lifestyle:

(1)self control

(2)control your eye

(3)destroy every source of pornification

(4)confess your sins and ask for forgiveness

(5)programme the word of God in your heart

(6)and live a Godly life

#kemzy is here with the designer nature

Once you get hold of opportunity never let it off your hold ,that what life is really about .mercy first at all time followed by grace then love and finally happiness but don’t forget to always ask for wisdom, knowledge and understanding from god in order to explore what u have up there because we aren’t perfect just stay calm and keep designing your life beautifully .thanks

My world

Hi there am kemi ajulo also known as kemzy ,I love dancing, singing ,designing and many more but am not an art student. Just loves designing. I kind of love my life.I hate injustice, indiscipline ,disturbance ,presence and so on ,I practice designing through my book .just love being creative